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Get Connected

Need help navigating the system? Not sure where to turn? Our members want to help. We haven’t just Google searched this list, we have invested time making sure you can trust where we’re pointing you.


Become Equipped

The web is a wonderful tool for learning and finding resources. We gather those resources together for you in one place here to help you learn all you can about the path to recovery.


Stop the Cycle

This phrase is our heart beat, and we want it to be yours as well. Let us help you become equipped to make reintegration be a single time process, not a revolving door, with seminars and more.


Wecome To R3 Collaborative
We believe individuals coming out of treatment and incarceration are better able to sustain a successful transition into the community when they are surrounded by all the support services they need. We also believe that the Christian community has an opportunity to come together to provide such services by working together, as well as other community based resources.
Delivering all these services in a seamless fashion creates R3′s Circle of Success. The result is a measurable increase in sustained recovery and an overall reduction in the rate of recidivism.
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Feeling Lost?

Are you new to the recovery world? There are a lot of terms that get thrown around this culture (yes, it is a culture). Both official and slang terms all have meanings, both good and bad. We’ve compiled a list for you to help you along your way. Start Here.

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