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A powerful and effective phone app designed as a pretreatment tool to help teens, and to help parents help their teens, to assess and reduce the use of alcohol and drugs.


12-step based, and clinical outpatient and short-term residential alcohol and drug clinical treatment. Standard 30-day treatment and up to 4 months of residential recovery programs.

Life Development Resources DBT

Highly recommended recovery counseling services utilizing DBT (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy).

Meridian Behavioral Health

Personalized care tailored to individual needs. Various specialty clinical and short-term residential outpatient alcohol and drug clinical treatment, and mental health services throughout Minnesota.

Metro Hope

Christian Men’s Long-Term Christian Recovery and Women with Children Long-Term Program (Healing Houses).

Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge

Christian Treatment Programs ranging from outpatient to short-term residential licensed treatment to long-term residential treatment and recovery programs, including clinical alcohol and drug treatment, as well as mental health services.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Information about addiction.

Nystrom & Associates

Clinical outpatient alcohol and drug clinical treatment and mental health services throughout Minnesota.

Restoration Counseling & Community Services

Restoration Counseling & Community Services is dedicated to providing proven community-based programming for individuals transitioning from the criminal justice system back into their communities.

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center

The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center is a long-term, work-based Christian Treatment and Recovery Program.

Treatment Centers Directory

A complete listing of addiction treatment centers.

Union Gospel Mission 

Men’s Christ Recovery Center & Women’s Naomi Family Residence

Christian homeless support services, men’s short-term treatment and recovery program (Christ Recovery Center) and transitional housing, as well as women’s treatment and recovery including support for women with children (Naomi Family Residence).

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